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Springbok rugby player Siya Kolisi says he will not respond to racist opinions about his marriage to a white woman. To someone who reminded them that “we are all human beings”‚ Lottering’s response was: “We are chilled. The unrepentant exchange caught the attention of Deputy Public Protector Kevin Malunga‚ who tweeted “These racist fools come by the truckload”. So comfortable that they don’t hide themselves anymore .straight out do it our faces‚” ashleynesh @tshepiso–mokwen tweeted. The government needs to do something extreme about racists in our country.” Leon Mabiza had only this to say “South Africa is dead”. ‘Charles’ added‚ “Don’t need you here stealing our men”. Hannes Lottering posted: “I pray that this does not happen in my family. He defended his view with followers who shared his opinions. The messages included a string of lewd references and hectored her: “Leave Africa and go back to Europe and leave our good men to our own beautiful black women”.Le Witt's drawing was brought to life as an idea that was documented by the artist's sketch and a more formal diagram that outlined instructions for its implementation.Takeshi Arita, a trained “drawer”, who travels around the world on commission for Le Witt, worked with two local artists, April Gymiski and Reese Inman to execute the drawing over a period of three weeks.June talks to Tara Leigh about what she has been through and the importance of leaning on your partner for support.Fertility And You For a woman who has been through a number of failed IVF cycles, egg donation gives new hope, while for women who are unable to provide eggs for IVF, it offers a reasonable alternative.

“(Lottering could) feel that white people are not in the position they were in and black people are on the ascendency . “Also a lot of good people saying ignore it‚ it’s not worth your time and etc 100% correct there too‚” she tweeted. Advocate Malunga has already taken up the cudgels against racism twice so far this month.

But I can't wait to see Erin Foley headline a special queer lineup at Yuk Yuk's. A writer for the new John Oliver show and a co-creator of the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account, Gondelman takes underdog shtick to hilarious new heights.

Expect lots of sharp social satire about cleanses, vegans and fake boobs.

Fertility And You Most people expect that if and when they want to start a family, it will happen.

While many couples will conceive naturally, it is estimated that one in six will experience fertility problems. Fertility And You June Shannon and her husband Tony are now turning to egg donation.

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