Crystalens accommodating iol cost

With the recent Food and Drug Administration approval of the toric Crystalens, the Trulign (Bausch Lomb), surgeons are now able to expand the application of presbyopia-correcting technology to meet the needs of many of their patients with corneal astigmatism.

Over the last 10 years manufacturing companies have developed new lens technologies.I like to work on the steep axis but I think it’s important to realize that if you place your incision on a vertical axis the surgically induced astigmatism will be slightly greater than if you work horizontally.” Dr.Colvard says that, like the standard Crystalens, capsulotomy size plays a role in the proper positioning of the lens.The problem with intraocular lenses inserted with cataract surgery is that there is no way to try them before surgery to see which one you like the best.There are 2 important things to consider when choosing the artificial lens to be used in your cataract surgery: the type of lens and the power of the lens.

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