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However, while many of us will simply ignore a creepy message or unwanted attention other online daters bring more creative methods into play.Bored Panda have compiled a collection of some of the best comebacks to chat up lines found online.One of the most offensive messages that you can receive is one that requests naked photographs - however crafty singletons have come up with inventive comebacks.In one case a woman was asked to send a photo of her in her bra.Cork on Friday night when unfortunately one thing led to another and one of the them fell through a window.A window, which happened to be Nick Mc Carthy’s dad’s living room window.For much of its early life, RTÉ Television Centre's Studio 1 in Donnybrook, Dublin was its home—this original studio accommodated a small audience of about 120.

The format has remained largely the same throughout—dialogue, comic sketches, musical performances, discourse on topical issues.

Sorry, Hollywood) Bejappers (exclam): as above Bells (n): time, e.g. "she's a Bobfoc" Bobble (v): to walk or to move somewhere Bog (n): country area - where culchies come from Bog ball (n): a derogatory name for gaelic football Bogey (n): snot; something wrong, as in he's bogey or I got a bogey pint Bogger/Bog warrior An Individual hailing from outside Dublin, but within Ireland Bogs (n): public toilets Bogtrotter (n): another word for a culchie Bold (a): naughty Bollacking (n): to "give out" to someone Bollix (n): alt spelling of below Bollocks (n): anyone you think is stupid Bolloxed (a): very drunk Bolloxed up (v): screwed up Bolt (v): go fast/ run away Bombardier (n): type of Irish bus Boozer (n): pub Boreen (n): narrow lane or road Boss (n): polite generic term when you're chatting to someone 'Bout ye (phr): how are you doing?

and is broadcast live across two hours plus in front of a studio audience on Friday nights between September and May at 21.30.

Tinder users take note these harsh but effective come backs may just get you out of some seriously awkward situations.

Afters (n): dessert Ages (n): long time Agro (n): fight Alans or Alan Wickers(n): nickers; as in keep your alans on; calm down. " Apache (n): joyrider Ape (n): fool Ara be whist (v): shut up Arse (n): backside Arseways (a): "I did it all arseways" = I made a complete mess of it!

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Alco (n): someone who's always drunk Amadán (Omadhan) (n): idiot Any Use? Arthurs (n): a pint of Guinness; as in Arthur Guinness the founder.

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