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She rounded off her stylistic mode with a designer handbag and, of course, oversized designer sunglasses.

Her five-year-old pride and joy was wearing a similarly cut dress, and a pair of trendy cowboy boots.

The timing is perfect as the song, 'Martha My Dear', was written '67/68 , and the title states Mary Hopkin 1968 when Paul, the Beatles and Apple were producing Mary, Badfinger and various artists.

If you match the video to: you can see the black spot on the side of her head which starts behind her ear, and how the black of her leg is kind of behind her leg, the white being prominent.

The threesome have occasionally been pictured on various outings, including a trip to the California Science Center in January.

When about settling down back in 2010, the Traffic actor said: 'Why?

It’s been that same confidence on display in the last few months, as if nothing were amiss.The courtroom was packed, the wooden benches filled with spectators and the press, who had come for Stewart’s turn on the witness stand. of Macy’s, Terry Lundgren, had testified that the last time he had spoken to Martha Stewart, on the phone, he told her that he was “shocked, appalled, and disgusted” at her behavior, and that he’d gotten so upset he’d hung up on her and had been “literally sick to [his] stomach.” But Stewart was cooler.Loved, hated, debated, and hugely influential, she was still, after some 30 years in the public eye, one of the most famous women in America, and one of its most successful. Dressed in a sleeveless taupe Lanvin suit, her blond hair worn in its trademark style—loose and tucked behind her ears—she was wry, witty, crisp, curt and irritated at times, but never rattled.The case, in which the judge’s decision was pending at press time, is a bitter contract dispute involving more than 0 million, replete with accusations of secret dealings, betrayal, and deceit. The whole matter was a simple dispute over “what is written on the page,” she told the judge.“And it just boggles my mind that we’re here sitting in front of you, Judge.” She testified for about four hours and almost seemed to be enjoying it.

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