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Find out how she made a name for herself in the out-of-the-box industry related to dating and relationships.We bring back the Sunday Spotlight Series with Yue Xu (a.k.a. Singlefied), an expert dating advisor for men and the founder of the dating blog However, mindsets and perspectives can be changed to improve your overall dating experience and thus increase the possibility of romance," said the high-spirited Xu, who moved to the US at eight and is also a dancer and TV host.With her own coaching website entitled and a series of videos under her pseudonym Miss Singlefied on Youtube, the 31-year-old has established herself as one of a growing number of dating coaches in the US and China.She shares with CMB members the three biggest dating success secrets (for both men and women) she has observed over her years of experience as a dating coach!

"I don't think romance can be taught, because it's based on emotions, chemistry and gut feelings.She has a bubbly personality and has an aura about her that draws people in.Although this is awhile back, I recall Yue always having fun and she would at times jokingly bust a move during our meetings, which made all of us laugh.“I can literally accomplish anything right now, as long as I take the risk and commit to the risk and the change that I want to take…” - Yue Xu The Bucket List Life Podcast Episode #49 - Dating Coach Yue Xu In this, episode #49 of The Bucket List Life with Kenyon Salo, we meet the woman behind, an informative and entertaining blog dedicated to bachelors.Yue Xu is also a dancer, choreographer, swimmer, kick boxer, actor, TV host (for The Gadget Show China), runner, and in her lifetime wants to change how Chinese Cuisine is viewed in the United States. When everyone around you has what you have you don’t want anything more.

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The profession took off in recent years in light of a more confusing and complicated dating environment caused by rapid social shifts, such as easily accessible technology and the emergence of non-traditional households.

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  1. If your in a similar boat you will find them to be lacking in any real sexual creativity and are more interested in long term relationships than sexual exploration.