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THE FOUNDATIONS OF LIFELONG HEALTH ARE BUILT IN EARLY CHILDHOOD, Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA: July 2010.

Copyright © July 2010 Center on Developing Child at Harvard University.

Anna had to institute a personal rule not to accept any producer calls before 7 a.m.

She worked long hours – most nights getting no more than five hours of sleep – and her limited free time did not allow for as much connection and community as she would have liked.

Companion was an early brand name (from 1933 or thereabouts) for Sears Roebuck tools.

Companion tools were less expensive than the contemporaneous Craftsman tools. Interestingly, in 1998 Sears applied for a trademark on the Companion name, for use in on a vast list of products.

One Thursday morning, I found a post in the “free” section of Craigslist for a sizable collection of historic New Orleans newspapers.

Throughout the book, the Safe Family takes simple steps to prevent injuries (English and Español), National Center for Injury and Violence Prevention and Control, Atlanta, GA.The Sears hardware department also used the name Fulton for some basic feature tools and electric motors.The famous Kenmore name was also used on some electric grinders and motors in the 1930s.Craftsman label from our archive of machinery decals Craftsman is the premier brand name for Sears, Roebuck & Co. The Craftsman trademark was registered by Sears on May 20, 1927.A variety of companies manufactured tools for Sears under the Craftsman name.

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The next day, my landlord and I rented a 17-foot box truck, and found a few friends to take part in a mock fire-bucket brigade.

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