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He’s had relationships with Julie Christie, Diane Keaton and Leslie Caron, and was rumored to be linked with, well, a lot of beautiful women. But as Rocca learned when he sat down with him at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, Warren Beatty isn’t the easiest person to interview.“Did you have mentors early on? “I got to meet a generation of producers, and directors, and screenwriters, and actors, and actresses that I learned a lot from.”“Does anyone spring to mind as somebody that really taught you something? In “Rules Don’t Apply,” he plays the famously secretive billionaire Howard Hughes, though the film centers on an aspiring actress from Virginia and her driver -- both church-going small towners -- who struggle to keep their religious values intact in 1958 Hollywood.

Frank: “She still believes that once you’ve been intimate, or gone all the way, with a person, in the eyes of God you’re committed to that person.”Marla: “I agree with Sarah. That’s why I’m waiting, because I have to be sure.”Beatty himself was raised Southern Baptist in Virginia before coming to Hollywood in the late ‘50s.

Following her first date with him she runs into FDR (Pine) and ends up going on a date with him as well.

What she doesn't know is that Tuck and FDR are best friends who are also CIA agents.

bestseller by Michael and Gina Spehn, who wrote the book that recounts their story of unimaginable loss, followed by grief, friendship and love.

The film, directed by Anne Wheeler and written by Nancey Silvers, follows Gina (Chabert) who, after losing her husband to cancer, decides to volunteer at the elementary school, which her two boys attend.

And so I wanna be very clear about what I say, and I have learned in my long period of being -- what’s the word, famous or well-known?

Bravo, a network formerly known for high-brow programming, is better-known in recent years for the Real Housewives franchise, in which rich supposed friends spend their time back-stabbing and throwing wine in each other’s faces.

Gina reaches out to their father, Michael (Christie), and the pair form an unexpected friendship, which later develops into romance. Michael and Gina Spehn co-founded The New Day Foundation, a non-profit to help families with young children affected by cancer.Rocca asked, “One of the characters in the movie says, ‘Once you’ve been intimate, you’re married.’ Was that your understanding when you were growing up?”“I would say that as a teenager, I was all over the lot,” Beatty replied.Long rides in the country, camping, fishing..anything to do with nature. I'm a real cool type of guy who enjoys living life. I'm looking for a women to correpond with, and hopefully establish a nice relationship with.

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When they both find out that they're dating the same girl they start competing to see who can win her hand, using all the resources of the CIA to their advantage. Lauren spends the whole movie dating two men without ever telling either of them that she's dating someone else at the same time.

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